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Don't wish away the present...

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Happy New Year my dearest Tribe! I could not be more thrilled to be starting off 2017 with the newest addition to our website with a blog and upcoming podcasts. I look forward to bringing you fresh, inspirational, raw, and authentic content that will bring light and inspiration to whatever season you are in in this new year.

2016 was for many an incredibly emotional year full of joys, happiness, surprises, sorrow, grief, anger, resentment, and a whole mixed bag of goodies. So many people I know and treasure said to me how thrilled they were to "get rid of 2016" or "to be done with it".

Recently a dear friend of mine reminded me of my own advice, to not wish away the present. We so often feel the need to dream about the future, or pine for the past, as if today is NOT enough. As if today does not contain the same beauty and lessons learned that yesterday or tomorrow already provide us with. Sometimes we get stuck in this way of thinking and it only drags us down. Gratitude will be and is our greatest saving grace.

Each and every one of us is going through a season. There is so much beauty and gratitude in today. For you, right now, it may be incredible bliss. For some this time of year with the holidays may be a reminder of grief or sorrow for the loss of family or friends no longer physically present with us. I myself am not immune to this way of thinking sometimes. I too struggle with wishing away some present moments, only to later be reminded I should have been grateful for that lesson during that moment.

My dear tribe, "don't wish away the present" for there is an opportunity for gratitude and lessons learned here and now. My wish for each of you is to invite 2017 with all that it has to offer. Go out and get involved in a new activity, hobby, sport, show, etc. or try something new that scares you or is uncomfortable. My tribe, YOU are each powerful agents for change in your own body, mind, home, community, school, or town. I hope you never wish away ANYTHING that 2017 throws your way. Here is one of my all time favorite poems that I hope inspire you to live a more empowered life.

Please leave your comments below on how you plan on living a more inspired and engaged new year. I want to provide space for us to have meaningful and transformational conversations. Happy New Year my tribe!

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