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Happy Seasoning!!

Updated: May 3, 2020

Hi friends, it’s Kasia here welcoming you back to my weekly #WednesdayWisdom where I normally share on Instagram, but today I decided to share with you from Miami Beach in my bathrobe.

For years and years and years, I felt like I was cycling through each season, not only weather wise, but also seasons of my life without any real purpose. I went through the motions of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter and just always waiting for summer to roll around in beautiful Chicago. I was so unhappy and lost.

I lost so many opportunities to enjoy, be present, gain wisdom, understanding, to love, or be loved on in every season. Looking back now I feel sorry and dumb to have allowed that to happen. However, I can look back at many seasons of my life where I was unhappy at a job that did not value what I had to bring to the table, or a relationship that was taking advantage of the goodness I was giving, or times when I was beating myself up for not knowing the next best thing to do with my life with love, grace, and empathy towards myself.

See, we are all in a different season of our lives right now. Some of us have just left a relationship that no longer serves our higher good. Maybe you have just left your job where every ounce of goodness was drained from you when you walked through your home at the end of a very long day and had nothing left to give your partner or children or dog. Or perhaps you have been in a state of just going through the motions waking up, making coffee, headed out the door and beginning and ending your day in the EXACT same manner every single day without changing a thing.

Like I said, I spent years at jobs I somewhat enjoyed, but then was taken advantage of (or more so, I allowed myself to be taken advantage of because of not putting up boundaries) and those places of employment drained all of my creative energy and left me with nothing to give at the end of the day to Sean (my husband) and Zoey (my half Great Dane and half German Shorthaired Pointer). I felt bitchy, short with others, didn’t feel creative or beautiful, and I just wanted to sleep all day. It has taken awhile but I realized that the things I was most resisting were in fact the things in my life where I gained the most wisdom, understanding, strength, love (once I allowed myself to), and empathy.

Fertility has changed my world for the better in more ways than ruined it. My relationships are fuller and bolder because of my experiences, because I can truly be present and more available in both the joy and the suffering. My marriage is stronger because of the therapy work we have both done on ourselves and together. And lastly, I have allowed myself to be seen and loved by this beautiful #ttccommunity who have loved on me and supported me when no one else other than Sean knew about our #ttcjourney It has been a rollercoaster of a ride. Now with all my experience from #ttc I can see and fully grasp the wisdom I now possess because of this journey.

Sean and my life coach have said for years that I should specify my life coaching niche as fertility coaching. I resisted, bitched, and complained that I am not #1in8 therefore I do not need to put myself into that category. I resisted, resisted, and resisted, and then one day I thought “well, what if I did try on the fertility coaching hat, what would that feel like to just try it…” So, I did.

I am stepping into who I was made to be. My purpose in this lifetime is to help empower women, love on them, guide them, and support them on this crazy fertility journey. You know the #1in8 club that many are a part of that they never wanted to join? Yeah, that one!

Whatever season of life you are currently in, may you know that I am sending you a virtual hug and lots of love. I know some seasons of life can be very difficult, or some so incredibly amazing that you don’t want it to end, but remember EVERYTHING in life is temporary. The stress, the good, the bad, the sadness, the joy, the high, the lows, they are ALL temporary. So, see if you can pause, and see if you can gain one nugget of wisdom from your current experience. Maybe there’s a lesson or appreciation here in your season. Or perhaps you can change up your seasonings in the kitchen and spice your life up a little more. Please share below how you are embracing the current season you are in.

Sending you all some Happy Seasoning!!

Peace and Love,


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