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Have you been getting into the Hygge season??

Yes, I said Hygge pronounced (Who-gah). Although #hygge is practiced during every season and all year, I personally feel I am most in the hygge spirit during the winter.

If you have never heard of this term the Danish have coined, then definitely check out My favorite book on the topic of Hygge by Meik Wiking here

I want you to imagine a cozy fire, candles burning, lights dimmed, warm blankets, bulky sweaters, smartwool socks, hugging your loved ones, or petting your animals. Am I getting you warmed up to this beautiful Hygge spirit? It's quite lovely all year when you apply so many of these Danish principals. These are their secrets to a happy life and I have to be honest, I have applied so many of these secrets since I picked up the book in January 2017 and I'll never go back.

I have always hated winter and more specifically Christmas since I was in elementary school. Somewhere many many years ago I lost the magic of the winter and holiday season being the oldest of four kids and forced to clean the house, lots of baking and cooking in a traditional Polish household, and then it was all about the gifts and wrapping the gifts and more gifts.

It wasn't until two years ago when Sean and I needed to hunker down and stay in Chicago for Christmas for the first time in our 11 years together. I had just had my Endometriosis excision surgery 7 weeks prior to Christmas and we were in the midst of our fifth IVF transfer meaning lots of doctors appointments that we needed to be in Chicago for. Sean and I had never spent a Christmas alone together waking up on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in our own beds.

Let me tell you, that by far it was my favorite Christmas together and by far my favorite Christmas as an adult. We went back to the basics and made it simple and yet so special. Here are some of the ways in the month of December we applied Hygge values and became so present to the holiday season.

We drank lots of German Gluhwein, delicious mulled spiced wine.

I sewed doggy bandanas for the first time for Zoey and many of my family and friends dogs.

There were many firsts in December 2018. What participating in the hygge season taught me, was to truly be present in the small simple ways of living.

What hygge practice will you apply to your life this winter season?

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