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I feel so honored...

On Friday, November 20th I was asked to be on a panel via Zoom with 3 others amazing women to talk about the latest Lena Dunham's False Labor article. Each woman on our call has very unique and beautiful perspectives and journeys related to infertility. The other fun fact is that each of us four is currently pregnant and had very different journeys to get to our miracles babies today.

I encourage you to take an Instagram peak at each of these warrior women who I admire, love, and look up to.

Check out Desirae's page over at:

Her article caused a real stir within our fertility community. Rightfully so. As most if not all of you already know, fertility is a very near and dear topic to me.

Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples, therefore, this topic is near and dear to millions of people around the world. As of this year it is estimated that 15% of couples will struggle with Infertility, which affects about 48.5 million couples. I mean does this statistic not blow your mind?!?

I wonder if my husband, Sean and I had heard this statistic when we started our fertility journey back in January 2014, I wonder if we would have felt less lonely and alienated. Infertility affects each person and couple differently. Maybe it would have been comforting to know so many other humans were struggling with the exact same thing Sean and I were.

So it's no wonder there were such strong opinions about Lena Dunham's article. Although Lena Dunham's experience is nothing like the outpouring of love and support that I have received within the infertility community, her feelings are still valid and her own experience. The response to our Zoom call was incredibly fruitful, powerful, and hopeful. I hope these are the same feelings you walk away with after watching our Zoom call.

Our conversation is not over and we are excited to continue the passionate and powerful conversations. We have work to do within our own infertility community. My hope and goal as a Fertility and Mindset coach is to support, empower, and love on the women within this incredible community. I never want anyone else to feel the loneliness and alienation I felt for so many years walking the trying to conceive path.

To get to our Zoom call immediately click the below "CLICK HERE" link

Click Here password warrior

I would love to hear from you about what resonated with you most!


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