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In case you missed it...

Updated: May 3, 2020

Hi friends, happy Sunday!

Brugse Zot beer
Enjoying a delicious Zot beer in Bruges, September 2019

In case you missed my FIRST ever guest blog post over with my favorite sisters at The Sister Project It was such an honor and so much fun to write for the sisters. Their blog is so inspiring, cozy and hygge, and you can find so many delicious recipes. You can check it out at the link here. Enjoy!

To those who are in the midst of a medicated cycle, I hope you find inspiration, and feel encouraged along the way. Please know that I am cheering you on sister and only sending you positive vibes!

For those of you who are not trying to conceive, I hope my guest blog post inspires you to find joy in your everyday life no matter where you are in your life journey.

My hope is everyone goes back to the basics and finds what makes them truly happy in life.

Comment below and tell me what things bring joy in your life. Happy exploring!

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