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Why can't every day be a Day of Appreciation??

Updated: May 3, 2020

Did you know that March 1st was World Compliment Day??

Just one day for compliments and appreciation?! No way! Why can’t we spend time appreciating our lives, our loved ones, and complete strangers EVERY day?!

Have you ever had superb customer service? Like you felt saying a simple “thank you” just did not do the person justice? Well, I have at a restaurant, department store, post office, coffee shop, grocery store, work, the bank, etc. I am that weirdo that has called Loft headquarters to let them know that (name of salesperson) was so helpful and kind helping me find (item) at (name and location of store). Yes this takes a few minutes, but so worth it. I have also done this at the local restaurant or coffee shop and spoken with the general manager to let them know what an incredible employee they have. I compliment random strangers on the streets of Chicago on their lipstick, hair style, purse, scarf, dress, suit, shoes, etc.

Have you ever noticed how quickly in our society we are so quick to complain about the product, service, or employee? But honestly, how many of you have taken time out of your already busy day to send or say a compliment to someone? It seems we are quick to complain and yet to compliment, takes so much work on our end. Why?

I LOVE complimenting others because I have worked in customer service since I was 15 years old and I know how hard the work of pleasing and taking care of your customers is. I have worked as a babysitter, secretary, hostess, waitress, campus tour guide, teacher, realtor, educator, in non-profits, in retail, and as a life coach. I have been in the customer service business for 20 years!! I know what it feels like to receive a compliment and the effects of it last ALL day. I love seeing others smile and radiate goodness after a compliment encounter. It's truly the best feeling for the person giving and receiving the compliment.

Cannon Beach, Oregon
My favorite place Cannon Beach, Oregon

Realize that your actions release positive or negative energy out into the world. Energy is neither created or destroyed, just transferred. - Karma-

Woah, that’s some powerful stuff right there. Energy is not created or destroyed but transferred. I truly believe that. This used to happen in my life all the time. For example, if I am having an awesome day and run into a coworker, my husband, a friend over the phone, a neighbor in person and they are having a rough day, then all of a sudden my energy shifts. It’s as if they have passed on their negative vibes or bad juju onto me. Ewww! Gross! I don’t want that stuff within my reach. So I started repeating this around others who had lower vibrational energies. I am joyful, I am happy, I am whole. Their energy is not mine to carry.

Try it today. Spend 30 seconds complimenting a loved one or a random stranger when picking up your coffee or standing in line paying for your groceries. I believe in Karma, what about you? I believe you sending positive and beautiful vibes out to someone else WILL ALWAYS come back to you tenfold. Happy Wednesday beautiful friends! May all the joy, positive energy and light you send out, come back to you even larger and more amazing. Comment below what compliments you gave out and received this week!

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It feels so good to be complimented. I had someone compliment me on an area in my life in which I am very sensitive about and I can tell you that compliment has stuck with me. You're the affirmation queen, Kasia! If anyone can write about how to compliment, it's you!

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