"Kasia is THE best choice for a life coach and mentor. Not only is her energy and positivity contagious, but the thought and effort she puts into ensuring her sessions are customized to her clients does not go unnoticed. I never feel like Kasia loses touch with where we are at in our conversations, even if it has been months since we last spoke. Whether you're looking to make huge changes to your lifestyle, or minor tweaks or to create better habits, Kasia is a great resource. "

- Carli

"I worked with Kasia on improving various aspects of my life including: health and fitness, highlighting problems or behaviors that were keeping me from reaching goals, and learning how to manage relationships personally and professionally. Kasia helped me realize the benefits of breathing techniques, meditation, and reflection through various activities. She is the best in the business and cares immensely for her clients. She is a great support system to have and offers wonderful guidance for mastering the game of life. "

- Christina

"One of my favorite things about working with Kasia is that she helped me find my self when I thought I had done that already. She made me see another perspective about my self that helped me worked things out in a better way to pursue my happiness and fullness. I found in her not only a life coach but also a friend who made me feel always heard and understood, always present in the little things and always with lots of love!"

- Andrea

"I have been working with Kasia for over a year now and I have nothing but good things to say about her. Kasia is so positive and helpful in situations in life where I needed some extra advice or help. It is nice to be able to have a session with her and have an unbiased point of view. She is only looking to help you in your life situations and wants the best out of life for you. After every phone call with Kasia, I have walked away feeling much better about whatever situation was happening at the time because of her help. I would highly recommend Kasia as a life coach! You will not be disappointed!!"

- Erin

"Life Coaching sessions with Kasia have helped me get in tune with what makes my soul happy. Living a busy life, she has helped me to be conscious of how much "me" time I am spending to focus on things that keep me high spirited. I feel more myself than I have in years. Kasia's sessions are upbeat and focused entirely on YOU and figuring out how to be the best version of yourself - which is exactly what I needed!" 

"I’ve had a truly wonderful experience with Kasia. Working with her has allowed me to garner a true understanding of myself. Her mapping techniques and insights are transformative. Her upbeat and personable approach makes it easy to open up. I highly recommend her."

- Gina

"Kasia is very compassionate and a wonderful listener. She's really great at talking things through with you to help you find a solution to life's struggles. She is also very personable."

- Dorothy

"Kasia's energy is a powerful catalyst for personal change. She's your biggest fan whose warmth and encouragement are a bright light guiding you back to your true calling. I have looked forward to all of our interactions and have been inspired by her motivating voice and keen ability to really hear me as she's listening. So much love and appreciation for Kasia's dedication to supportive coaching!"

- Rachel