About your Mindset and Fertility Coach

too am 1 in 8. My husband and I have been on the fertility hamster wheel for almost 7 years. After 3 doctors, 2 clinics, stage 4 Endometriosis, 4 miscarriages, 5 failed IUIs, 5 retrievals, 7 failed IVF transfers, and multiple procedures, and we STILL are hoping and praying for our miracle rainbow baby.


I know exactly what it is like to be in your shoes, no matter where you are on your fertility journey today. That desire to be a Mom in whatever shape or form it takes for you, runs through your veins and aches in your heart unlike any other feeling in the world. If you are undergoing fertility treatments, then I too know what it’s like to not have any control over your hormones, the bloating, the bruising, and the countless injections you undergo. I know what it’s like to not be able to exercise, have a nice glass of wine, not travel to Zika infected areas, miss social events because you’re not feeling like yourself, and be running around from blood work and ultrasound appointments. I hear you sister! It’s time to take back control of the things in your life that YOU CAN control.


I am here to help you set goals, dive deeper into your purpose and happiness both in and out of your fertility journey. When I am not speaking up about Infertility or advocating for Endometriosis, then you can find me exploring my beautiful city of Chicago. I LOVE being able to travel the world, sing, garden, organize, DIY, and spend quality time with my loved ones. I am inspired by meeting people who are full of passion and leading a life full of purpose.

My wish as your mindset and fertility coach is that you feel loved, acknowledged, valued, understood, and affirmed. I hope that you make more meaningful connections with the people in your life as a result of our coaching journey. My promise to you is to give you continuous love, support, hope, inspiration, and give you strength to share YOUR story. 

What if everyone could have access to themselves on a deeper level? My vision as your mindset and fertility coach is to empower you to lead a transformational life through the goals You set for yourself and helping You make those dreams a reality.


Ultimately my goal as your mindset and fertility coach is to empower You to give yourself permission to Live Your Best Life. I challenge you to Be Brave and start a conversation with Me that matters!










© 2020 by Kasia S. McGuire 

Photo credits: Anna Stidham Photography